Towards a methodology for publishing Linked Open Statistical Data

by I. Petrou, M. Meimaris and G.Papastefanatos, Samos 2014 Summit on ICT-enabled Governance, Share-PSI 2.0 Workshop, June 30 – July 5, 2014, Samos, Greece

Publishing Greek Census Data as Linked Open Data

by I. Petrou and G.Papastefanatos, in ERCIM News 96, January 2014, Special theme: Linked Open Data

Publishing Census as Linked Open Data. A Case Study

by I. Petrou, G. Papastefanatos, T. Dalamagas, in Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Open Data (WOD’13), 2013, Paris, France

The results derived from the case study "Publishing Census as Linked Open Data. A Case Study" can be found in the graph: .

Statistical data as LOD Workshop

Open Data Day 2013, 2013, Athens, Greece