Welcome to linked-statistics.gr

What is linked-statistics.gr?

linked-statistics.gr delivers socio-economic and socio-demographic data, made available as csv or excel files by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT), as Linked Open Data (LOD). Linked statistics provides semantically rich statistical data and connects ELSTAT to the LOD cloud. Linked statistical data facilitate their interlinking and cross-validation with datasets published by other statistical sources and public bodies, such as Eurostat, WorldBank, etc. linked-statistics.gr offers users the ability to download datasets for local use in RDF format, query via a SPARL endpoint and browse online the available data. Additionally, it builds on top of existing open-source tools (Protégé-OWL editor and Google Refine), vocabularies (Data Cube Vocabulary, SDMX and SKOS ) and LOD storage technologies (OpenLink Virtuoso) to ease the process of publishing these data as LOD.

The published data concern census data collected in the context of the Greece’s Census Survey held in 2011 and provided by the Hellenic Statistical Authority. The datasets include statistical observations regarding demographic, economic, housing and household information, as well as a set of indices concerning the population over the years, such as mortality, dependency rate, total fertility rate, life expectancy at birth, etc. Future LOD datasets will cover other statistical, socio-economic and socio-demographic data. All datasets are downloaded from http://www.statistics.gr/.

Why do we need statistical data as LOD?

Statistical or fact-based data are maintained by statistical agencies and organizations, harvested via surveys or aggregated from other sources, stored in their databases and provided through various formats, such as excel, CSV, etc. However, most of them lack of means of interlinking the datasets between them or crosslinking with already published ones. Publishing statistical data as LOD in a standard format will foster transparency, consistency, and flexibility to the public and third parties wishing to exploit and process the data further to discover relationships, not visible before, among other statistical or even non-statistical datasets. Having statistical data in a LOD format, provides the additional advantage of performing more complex queries, that were not able to be applied before, through simple services as well as developing other novel applications, e.g. for visualization.

How can I access and use the published data?

To access and use the data you can do one of the following: